Hi! I’m ENZA!

When some of us hear the word “puggle” we think of a designer dog created by crossing a pug with a beagle.

But way, way before designer dogs were a trend, did you know that a puggle is the name for a baby platypus?

So why is a baby platypus part of the branding for an enteral feeding pump? Well, almost all animals use a stomach to digest their food. Most animals have a gullet where food goes from the mouth to the stomach. But the platypus sports a gullet that connects directly to its intestines. No tummy needed to digest food.

Our enteral feeding pump helps enteral patients complete their nutrition cycle. That’s why our helpful baby platypus’ name is ENZA — you can remember her name by thinking “Enteral Nutrition, from A to Z”!

For patients, nutrition is energy, the energy needed to live an optimized life. That’s why the PUGGLE® Pump is packed with innovative, thoughtful solutions to help EN patients and their caregivers manage EN needs.