ENjoy Life Uninterrupted

The versatile PUGGLE® Enteral Feeding Pump has been designed to deliver nutritional solutions while maintaining dignity and an independent lifestyle for individuals with enteral feeding needs. The PUGGLE® System offers stationary and ambulatory applications for patients of infant age to adult.

Whether the day’s schedule consists of heading to school or down a winding nature trail on your bike, the PUGGLE® System is not only life-friendly, it’s life-nourishing.

  • LCD screen
    Large color display provides an at-a-glance view of key settings and progress
  • Motor
    Features a quiet, continuous peristaltic rotary pump action
  • Precise
    Delivers flow rate and volume feed at an accuracy rate of ± 5% over one hour
  • Intermittent mode
    Allows programming for up to 8 feeds
  • Intuitive
    Simple buttons and screen instructions make programming easy to manage
  • Battery
    Provides 20 hours of power with a speedy 2.5 hour charging time
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ENhance Your Pump

The PUGGLE® Pump is designed to complement the EN patient’s nutritional needs and lifestyle.

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Nutrition & Life.
The PUGGLE® Pump innovation works in the background so you can enjoy your independent lifestyle.
Accommodating and Compact Design
The PUGGLE® Pump enables patients to receive vital nutrition whether they’re resting at home or on the go.
Thoughtful Functionality
The unique intermittent mode allows users to program up to 8 automatic feeds to deliver a seamless, yet secure, nutrition experience.
Intuitive Technology
The PUGGLE® Pump features a user-friendly interface that is secure and easy to manage.
All-Day Dependability
The 20-hour battery life and 2.5-hour charging time allows you to focus on the NOW, instead of sitting out the day for a charge.
Ready, Set, Pump
Our quick and automatic priming system allows you to get started in under two minutes so you don’t waste any time.

ENgineered with Love

We believe that people with EN needs shouldn’t have to fuss with a complicated device to receive their vital nutrients. That’s why the PUGGLE® Pump is engineered to give clinicians, caregivers, and end users peace of mind through intuitive design and its reliable, results-driven performance.

For over 28 years, Amsino has been serving the needs of the healthcare industry in pursuit of improving patient care. Amsino develops, manufactures, and markets medical products that help improve the safety and effectiveness of patient care under a portfolio of recognized Amsino brands.

Battery Life
To Use
For Kids
And Adults

Why People Love The PUGGLE® Pump

See why users agree that the PUGGLE® Enteral Feeding Pump is accommodating, discreet, and easy to use allowing them to ENjoy their lives uninterrupted.
The motor is quiet, powerful and reliable. This is important at night, plus there aren’t constant alarms.
~Healthcare provider
Parents have peace of mind when they see their babies are getting the right amount of vital nutrition.
~Healthcare provider
The pump displays instructions on what to do next, so it’s incredibly easy to use.
~Homecare provider
There are only 6 buttons, and to do the basic programming, you only use 3. All of the confirmations are made with the green button — what a great option!
Intermittent feeding is such a smart option for caregivers and their patients.
~Healthcare provider
I appreciate that the screen displays what I need to know at a glance — I don’t have to enter the menu and scroll to check something.
~Healthcare provider
The LED indicators are perfect for quick checks because you don’t need to bother the patient by having to turn on the screen to know if things are fine.

Meet Your PUGGLE® Pump

Our overview video provides a quick introduction to the PUGGLE® Pump. Our training library videos show clinicians, care providers, and end-users how to use, troubleshoot, and care for the PUGGLE® Pump.

ENgage With The PUGGLE® Pump

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The versatile PUGGLE® Enteral Feeding Pump has been designed to deliver nutritional solutions while maintaining dignity and an independent lifestyle for individuals with enteral feeding needs. Read More >
The PUGGLE™ Pump was designed to deliver nutritional solutions while maintaining an independent lifestyle for individuals with enteral feeding needs.  Read More >

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